Útero is led by its founder, director and actor Miguel Moreira. There isn't an absolute identity, but there is certainly a vital match of these two entities. It is currently important to emphasize that. Útero has grown as structure, developed in other ways and with other people. Remaining cohesive, strong and alive.

 What caracterizes then "Útero" is, first, its artistic direction. Alongside comes the dramaturgy. The work of dramaturgy in Útero is fundamental to what defines its creations. A solid dramaturgy, which listens the means that do and define the theatrical creation and, ultimatelly, all artistic creation.

A dramaturgy responsive to the proposals of the team and that at the same time is demanding on the material that is being developed by that same team.

In a creative style that always gives emphasis to the work being done every day (it wouldn't be possible in other way). Thus, the dramaturgical work is not developed by an omnipotent and omnipresent element, but by all who are involved in creating daily. Obviously there is - there must be always - someone who weaves and orders the work so that it doesn't dilute or get lost in the immense possibilities of reading.

Someone who seeks the truth, not with the intention of its statement but with the will that is desired by others - team and public. The dramaturgy in Útero thus represents the development of a living system, that goes from its theoretical, philosophical, aesthetic, historical structural settings, to the breath of the actor or the textures of a costume.  

Another aspect that caracterizes Útero is the process of creation. It is this that defines the final object, combining substance and form in a single expression. A process is not imposed, but suggested and justified by the reality as it goes step by step processing. It is not a continuous towards a final culmination, it is rather a work that has to be stated throughout the process of its construction. Therefore it is never sealed, it is never linear. It is the search for a language that is justified before the bodies, the text, the setting and all other matterials that are considered vital to make the final theatrical object happen.

 What makes a process start is an idea looking for its expression. And, as much as the idea might be complete, its expression will depend on many different elements. The process must be aware to those elements, at the risk of loosing the whole idea. Therefore, it is crucial not to make the process of creation as a means to achieve an end. For though in the end it may comes down to that, being taken as such, it will put into question all the same end. At Útero, the process is made by respecting what one is trying to accomplish, with the notion of the vital importance of each of the moments for such compliance. 

 Aesthetically, Útero distinguishes itself. The theater we make has characteristics that do not get mistaken. However, the original claim to be just that. Nothing is invented, but nothing new is invented. Being authentic is not a sufficient argument. Being visceral neither. Aesthetically, Útero managed to create different expressions of the common language. To ask what language that is is our task, even if we perceive it with great precision. To answer what language that is is the task of the theorics and critics of our time. We do not intend to ignore the question - as it is also our engine - but we can not give it an answer, under penalty of incurring into the sin of the formula. In fact, it boils down to this: Útero has a clear aesthetic language, but fortunately we can not (or do not know) formulate it. 

The creative teams are another distinctive mark of Útero. Although there are elements that remain and that are cyclically returning to Útero, there is also a systemathic tendency towards an openess to new elements. Such openess is also reflected by the search for elements that represent an added value for the theatrical process itself, through the different areas in which they are involved. Usually, at Útero, in addition to theater professionals, we open the doors to artists from other areas, with other sensibilities, which inevitably enrich the whole creation process. 

 In the Performing Arts panorama, Útero is also marked by the attempt to seek more from the Art, from the theater and the performance, than the rules previously imposed would dictate. We believe that Útero must have its way, regardless of what conventionally would be expected.

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