2006 - 68

Shrapnel of a process:

We started the research for this work at Colina 2004 (O Espaço do Tempo). The initial idea was focused in the desert. The place to which all men run? The desert was Beckett's "Act Without Words". The insuitabble man or the man who needs to isolate himself to change, to live.


The central issue is: the characters are in a space but everything is an illusion. Nothing remains. Not even hope. There are dead without knowing it. Then we took on Beckett. We are dead without knowing it. The evidence hurts. This man and this woman are dead without knowing it. To this idea of total unconsciousness we combined the idea inscribed in the play "Les Mouches" de Jean-Paul Sartre. It is the flies that do not let go of us. They don't see each other. But they do not let us go never again. Becaude we always feel guilty about what we did not do.


We saw the work of Santiago Iadanez. The dirty self-portraits. To dirty ourselves in order to express our truth. The most hidden. To get messed so we can be ourselves in pain. In fear. 



Direction: Miguel Moreira

Interpretation & Co-criation: Marta Silva, Romeu Runa

Graphics: Sofia Pimentão