2006 - Maria

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Útero in the school, in the theater, in the street, in the yard.

The desire to "invade the school", to reach out to teenagers in their school-age, with our artistic project was an evolution of the group towards a more direct intervention in the community.  

We believe that the students, in confrontation with different artistic languages ​​as well as the plural space that populates the contemporary creation, will turn into men and women with a higher sensitivity and a greater tolerance and critical sense in their relation to others and to the world.



A 14 year old girl lives most of the time closed in her space: the bedroom. She communicates with the outside world using the internet and her mobile.

She falls in love that way as well, which makes her questioning the place her body occupies.

At the same time she meets a Palestinian girl in a chat that makes her think about the role of Men in the world.

Questioning the body. The society. Thinking about the phenomenon of growth. Of the relashionships that appear throughout the growth. The relationship we maintain with the people who surround us.


Direction:  Miguel Moreira

Assistance to Direction: Sara de Castro

Building of scenic object/programing: Hélder Cardoso

Co-criation & original interpretation: Joana Bergano

Original Music: Bentes

Dramaturgic accompaniment: Rui Horta

Graphics: Sofia Pimentão