2015 - Na Rua

A small theater, inside a blue ball, interrups the dailly life of the city. An invitation to share, to intimacy, to see the city as a place of encounters. Place of seduction. Looking. Of discovery among ourselves and among others.


"Na Rua" wants to deal with the comunity that moves early in the morning on the way to work and that quickly leaves at the end of the day to pick the children at school. It interrupts that track for brief two or three minutes, by believing that it that period of time we can rethink about who we are and in what system of society it makes sense to live.


Direction: Miguel Moreira

Text: José Luís Peixoto

Scenography: Jorge Moreira

Object build by: Leonel e Bicho


(premiere) - Sandra Rosado e Miguel Moreira;

(after) - Sophie Lesso, Raquel André, Carlos António, Félix Lozano, Sofia Pimentão, Diana Coelho, Catarina Felix, vânia Rovisco


"Na Rua" premiered at 7am, at Cais do Sodré' river station, in Lisbon.

We have presented "Na Rua" in several locations, such as:

Théatre Le Quoi - Angers, França.

Streets of Santiago de Compostela, Espanha.

La Laboral - Gijon, Espanha.

Centro Cultural de Belém, Lisboa.

Festival Internacional de Teatro de Almada, Almada.

Streets of Lisbon, Torres Vedras, Torres Novas, Aveiro.


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