2002 - Parede


It began as a challenge made to Ana Vincent to write a text for a woman. The play had two tempos. In the first movement we tried to walk through space less swampy. In the second movement the actress Maria João Falcão would be invited by Miguel Moreira to live for two months in a house where they would share their life together in order to create this piece.


Direction: Miguel Moreira
Dramaturgy: Alberto Lopes, Miguel Moreira
Text: Ana Vicente
Scenic space: Alberto Lopes, Miguel Moreira

Direction: Miguel Moreira
Production: Eduardo Henrique
Sound design: Alberto Lopes
Original Music: Gabriel Gomes, The Gift
Sound (Folding): Gabriel Gomes, O Circo a vapor
Light: Carlos António
Madrid Shooting: Carlos António
Interpretation: Maria João Falcão



Interpretation – Teresa Alves da Silva / Carla Ribeiro / Adriana Queirós 
Light: Celestino Verdades
Costume: Eduardo Henrique
Master of sewing: Teresa Louro