2010 - Regina

Regina - The Ritual Wedding is an encounter between artists Regina Fiz and Miguel Moreira. There is a central focus which is the body and its icons. There is the reference to many symbols of the Portuguese culture through elements like the dress, the objects, the furniture-sculpture from architect Cassiano Branco. The transformation and the queer thought associated to an idea of a free society that can live in unison with body and freedom. «Our first encounter was on stage on Paulo Castro’s play. I, as audience, went to the stage after intervening in the play. I earned the right to kiss the star of the night. Regina. She approached me, she kissed me. A long kiss. The audience applauded. From that kiss came the will to know her and to be closer to her. I thought about me, my body, sexuality, gender. In the queer aesthetics and thought I see the new, the edge, the transgression. I see the space where I always wanted to be.» Miguel Moreira


Direction:Miguel Moreira

Co-criation: Regina  Fiz

Interpretation:Regina Fiz e Miguel Moreira

Pianist:Joana Gama

Builders: Taras and Micael  

Support to direction: Tomé Simão Dionísio/Manuela Marques (singer in first version)/ Catarina Felix  

Wardrobe: Teresa Louro

Photos: Inês d'Orey  , João Peixoto

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